Whether  it's peace and quiet you're after or a calendar full of things to see and do, Lake Balaton is here to satisfy your every need. Smooth waters and fresh wines, sand and surf, fishing and frolicking, splashing and sailing, concerts and clubs, partying and paddle boating, beach volleyball and biking, elegant castles and sleepy villages, beautiful landscapes and crystal clear air, Lake Balaton has it all.

balaton hp 01Sailing in an country without sea, sounds strange, but Hungary is one of those nations where it oes not matter. Hungarian sailors are all over the world, we have our solo sailor Nandor Fa, we have Olympic medallist, and lots of World and European medallist in may sailing classes.  All this started on Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Europe.  A clear-water lake, with shallow, but warm water, and tricky winds.

Skiff sailing started in Hungary at 2000 when the first 49er arrived. At 2001 we had our first national championship with nine boats!

18ft skiff sailing started in Hungary during 2004 season. Miklos Ujhelyi-Gaspar and his team began racing with an 18 footer. The boat Blue Star was Hungary’s first 18 footer and became famous throughout the counspari 1try right away.

The success was obvious: the longest long distance lake- race in Europe, the famous and highly valued BLUE RIBBON brought a third place prize for the team.

Since then our team sailing on Liberty have been continuously taking part in the European Grand- prix races and World Championships of the 18 Footer class. Throughout the years the team sailing on Liberty moved forward and climbed higher in the rankings.

In 2010 the Liberty Sailing Team won first prize on the European Open held on lake Garda in Italy. With this title our team entered the international elite class of 18' skiff sailing.

In 2016 at Lake Garda in Italy the team became the 'European Champions' with their new boat.

libertySpartacus Sailing Club (Spartacus Vitorlás Egylet) was formed in 1990. Spartacus Sailing Club at Balatonfoldvar is the home and the birthplace of skiffsailing in Hungary. The club provides appropriate facilities for international sailing events (measurement, office, jury room, press room, boat and trailer park, launching ramps, crane, yacht and sail repair) all close to the boat park. The club area is also suitable for corporate events (training, coaching, team building, etc). Our guests can find refreshments and food in our Club restaurant and in the harbour buffet. Wireless Internet connection is also available.The club hoisted several European Grand Prix races for the class, with big success.




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